Our Services

Installation - Window Ac

  • Provision for installing window AC in the wall or the window needs to be done by a carpenter or a mason. AC professionals will not do this
  • AC will be installed by the professionals and its performance will be checked
  • Gas pressure will be checked post installation

Installation - Split Ac

  • Prices only include labour cost, cost of spare parts will be extra.
  • The professionals do not carry chairs or stools and might ask for them during servicing and installation.
  • Basis on the thickness of the wall, the professional may need to use advanced cutting tools. This may attract additional charges.

Ac Dismentle

  • AC will be checked once before uninstallation
  • In-case of window AC, the provision needs to be closed by the customer

Gas Charging

  • Complete vacuuming and gas filing
  • Partial gas refilling/top-up is not recommended
  • Minor leakages will be fixed
  • Leakage check with Nitrogen is not included